The Cultist of the Ancient One

Lucinda Tiamat was a wood elf female who lived on the isle of Arcas during her adult years and eventually died there after a heavy betrayal. She is tanned with neutral undertones and has curly red hair and bright, nearly luminous, green eyes. She generally wears black clothing with her favourite outfit being a long black dress akin to the famous dress of Morticia Addams. She's inspired by wiccan practices and those classic artworks of witches with flaming red hair. She worships a more mysterious version of the well known Cthulhu with rituals inspired by ancient Greek pagan practices and an aesthetic of the Innsmouth horror.

She is first introduced as a naive barmaid in the classic cotton dress, leather corset, and red skirt. She lived in a human village under the rule of the Kingdom of Haense, taking residence with a friend in a small apartment and working to fill the time. One day an orc, Borok Yogskul, visited the village and she was quickly enamoured by the man of a race she had only heard of as brutal slavers, yet he was a gentle soul who made her feel safe. The two were quickly married, though not by legal means due to the world's hatred of race mixing. Because of that, too, they had to flee their village to a place more open to odd couples; Sutica. Sutica was a waterside city wherein Lucinda and her husband thrived, living a quiet life in a nice home kept lively with their many pets.

It didn't take long for the two to find themselves in the midst of less savoury people. Borok was approached due to being an orc adorned in a typical sailor's cloth by a group of pirates whom offered him money to be an 'enforcer' on their ship. He would accept and take his wife with him aboard and she would take up work as a cook and a quartermaster. It stayed this way for a good few years but the leader of their group wasn't satisfied with travel and plundering, and so he asked for the financial aid of his crew in building a port for them all. Lucinda gave nearly all of her savins for this endeavor which earned her free reign of the space they chose for a refuge of her own. Through this Lucinda built a sprawling underground hideaway for herself and others like her; followers of the old gods, the Ancient Ones. This was not a cult per sey... but it would eventually divulge into such. Underground homes, shrines, themes of water and eternal nature, the space was a dream for the elfess... But it was a nightmare for her husband. She was pregnant while she worked, and this strain on herself inevitably led to the death of their unborn child. Borok was not forgiving and, in reaction to Lucinda's carefree attitude towards the loss, would leave her. Despite their many years together, the woman was unphased. Her faith told her loss and gain were one in the same... And it was. Only months later she would find comfort in another man, a cult leader himself.

This new partner was the proponent of a much more ruthless group of criminals joined together with the goal of anarchy. He would steal people from the streets to enact hours of horrid torture for his own sadistic pleasure, and in turn would introduce his beau to such pastimes. Lucinda found it fascinating but she was not all too interested in doing the dirty work herself and was instead happy to take the bodies to sacrifice to her god. Her way of sacrifice was much akin to that of the Ancient Greeks; she kills/bleeds the victim over an altar, carves them, burns everything besides the meat to ash, and then cooks the remaining flesh which is then served in a feast for her fellow worshippers. It did not matter what race or species the victim was. If they were once a living being of flesh and blood, they were free to sacrifice and consume.

Life was going well for Lucinda. She found herself withchild, twins! Her new husband, in his stoicism, showed his care for her through protectiveness. Her children were born, two healthy elves with curly red hair just like their mother; Lucia and Lucian. They grew quickly, too quickly for the new mother to grow alongside. She wasn't ready to care for them, and so she coped through her faith. One particular encounter with beings of the sea which she adored threw the woman into the deep end (pun intended). More sacrifices, more journeys to the Sirens, more reclusive behaviour. She began to believe she truly was hearing her god speak to her which was further proven, in her mind, by an encounter with an intelligent sea monster. Radically, Lucinda decided to completely revamp her refuge, her lair, to be as close to the sea and to her god as possible. This would cause conflict with her old ally, the leader of the pirate's port, who felt she was using the area to the detriment of others who resided there. Sadly, through the discovery of her very active cannibalism and human sacrifice, Lucinda was shamed and forced out of her home of so many years, away from her family and children.

Lucinda was thrown over the edge. Her obsession with her god and the loss of her home and one place of safety completely broke her. In her last moments, Lucinda swayed and stumbled, blank faced, towards the white sands rippling upon the waves. Her green eyes seemed to glow in the sun, her far off gaze as if she was hypotised and called towards the edges of the sapphire ocean she so loved. She steps into the cold waters and still continues onwards, soon the waves are able to lick her cheeks. She is submerged. Only the flaming red of her hair is seen when she finally dives beneath the roiling waves. Then nothing can be seen at all, not even a ripple, like she was never there at all.

No one knew of how Lucinda Tiamat died, not even her famly. All that was found was her wedding ring and her favourite pair of gloves placed neatly upon a boulder just feet away from the ocean.