hello, i am EL, short for JAEL (pronounced yah-EL) and i am young adult living in the united kingdom of britanica or whateva,, i made this site with the help of my cat-alien friend ZER0 and it's very fun so far, even if i don't know what i'm doing..

i am doing super ultra mega secret dealings behind the governments back, there is no work or school, just espionage...

on a more serious note, as a run down of myself, i am a trans nonbinary genderfluid person and i go by THEY/THEM but i don't mind other thangs. i don't have a good label for my romantic proclivities so uhh,, pan-something, i think. i am a religious jew raised as orthodox chabad but i'm mostly reform i guess. my favourite colours are red and purple, my favourite drink is monarch flavour monster energy, my favourite HOT drink is hot chocolate, my favourite meal is tagliatelli marinara and my favourite desserrt is crepe..

i am very autism and i have only a few special interests you will see through my site, for example the art in the background being from a favourite vocaloid producer syudou or most of the topics being about my silly little imaginary characters,, im gonna list my special interests here for now but i will probably move it to another thingy

my special interests!!!

  • character creation (obviously)
  • dungeons and dragons; i'm only in 1 campaign rn but i want to learn to dm
  • history; specifically proto-indo-europeans, classic and archaic civilisations, and general pre-history. none of that post-renaissance crap
  • animals; i love learning about them, my favourite animals are whale sharks and cats and dogs
  • music; my favourites are vocaloid, dnb, gabba, breakcore, jungle, and some girlypop like lockeroom
  • art; i like drawing but i don't do it a lot, i mostly like looking at art- including performance art
  • cooking/baking; self explanatory
  • video games!!! my current games are divinity 2:original sin, minecraft, and ffXIV. my favourite all times are all the Bethesda games, terraria, minecraft and rdr2